Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The final countdown...

I can’t believe this last week was already the LAST full week of classes of my junior year.  It is crazy to think that next year I will be on my final stretch of classes before student teaching. I am truly excited to get into my career but at the same time its completely nerve wracking to think that pretty soon I’m not going to be a student anymore which is what I have known to be most of my life.

Long Pose
As for that last full wee of class we found ourselves wrapping things up.  Tuesday was a day to fix up manikins and discover what needs to be fixed. Eduardo has a little bit of work and cleaning up yet but I have faith that he will be ready for his final portfolio debut next week. Then on Thursday we worked on a long pose. I was actually really truly pleased with my drawing. I feel like I really got the proportions right. I do wish that I would have gotten a little more time finishing up the face but in general I think it turned out fairly well.  Maybe during our long pose on Tuesday I will get a little more time to work on the face. All and all though I think this semester has been an incredible learning experience and I am excited to tie things up on Tuesday so I can look back and see all of this semester progression.

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